Lists and Thoughts

Writing can be like working out. You have to work out every day to get stronger. Some days you’re going to kill it and you’re going to kick some serious ass and feel awesome about it. Other days, you’re going to show up to the gym and feel completely lost and feel totally weak. But you know what? You showed up. So BRAVO. Today I’m going to do some light stretching and maybe return to these thoughts for some serious writing at a later date.

1. We should be consciously curating our lives.
2.We are going to die. Relatively soon. So every moment should count.
3.Eat the things that make your body happy and make you happy (for me it’s fresh yogurt and fresh baked sourdough right now. I cannot get enough.)
4.Do what makes you happy, literally do something every day that makes you feel awesome. I’m working on my headstands right now and I love seeing my progress.
5.Spend time with people who actually add things to your life. We’re only given so many minutes in our lives. It’s not infinite. Spend them wisely.
6.If you’re going to watch movies all afternoon, pick movies that are going to add something to your life! Be intentional! Be conscious!
7.Don’t let your eyes glaze over when you’re scanning through Facebook or Instagram. Don’t fill your life with junk and fillers. Be INTENTIONAL.
8. I’ve been dwelling on some rough shit right now, namely the relationship I have with my parents. What will happen when they die? It’s pretty far off, but still worries me. I don’t see us ever mending our relationship, so I can’t imagine what will happen when they get sick and old.
9. I had a dream that all of my extended family showed up one day and my grandfather sat me down and was asking me what I was doing with my life. I tried to explain that I was working on figuring that out. He handed me $200 and said, invest it, make something out of yourself. I have no idea what this means or how to invest money.
10.This whole Lena Dunham being a sexual predator thing has me worked up. If there’s anyone that’s going to shed light on the fucked up things we do as innocent kids, and laugh at their own creepiness, it’s Lena Dunham. So maybe everyone should calm the fuck down.
11.I’m baking bread for the first time in a long time today. I’m hoping it gives me back some passion and love for baking bread. I will also be pickling beets. And daydreaming about the amazing fresh yogurt I got from the West Seattle Farmer’s Market yesterday.

That was a lot of topics and a lot of venting. I didn’t think this blog would be for these kinds of writings. I’m allowing myself to be surprised by my own turn of events. More cohesive and constructive thoughts as soon as I find my brain.